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Tea drinking is a fairly common daily process. But, sometimes there are times when it is necessary to arrange the reception of guests according to all the rules. This applies not only to the use of the original service, but also to the correct arrangement of instruments and even a table. Every little thing (forks, knife and spoons) is important here. Tea table setting should be carried out in accordance with the established rules of etiquette. Consider the process of preparing and decorating a feast.

To organize a holiday, you must follow some rules and recommendations. And you need to start preparing in advance.

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Bohemian glass is hand-blown by Czech glassblowers from a special composition, which includes not only sand, but also metal oxides, so it is light and crystal clear, just like crystal has reflections in the sun. Different metals are added to the glass to give it a color from red, green to blue and azure, and they also use a new technology to burn different shades on the glass itself.

There are some requirements for choosing a table for tea drinking. So, for example, the size of the countertop should be such that it can be easily placed on all cutlery, treats and tea. In this case, you also need to take into account the number of guests. If there is no suitable furniture, then you can arrange a tea party according to the principle of «buffet». In this case, you will have to do without chairs, which will provide free access for all guests. This option is ideal for daytime ceremonies.

If the reception of guests will be held in a small room, then the arrangement of furniture must be approached very carefully. If the area allows, then it is better to place the table in the center. Otherwise, the best solution would be a location near the wall. The first option is good because all guests will have free access to the table.

Correctly selected dishes, tablecloths and treats will make your tea meeting memorable. A Bohemia Crystal tea set will be an expensive decoration of any tea table. But dishes of domestic production can also be very elegant, capable of setting the right mood.

A modest tea party does not require much effort in decorating the table. Against the background of a beautiful tablecloth, a service with an elegant pattern is clearly visible. A small number of cutlery and snacks on the table will allow you to enjoy tea and food, without interfering with tune in to a confidential conversation.