Lawyer Evgeny Filippenko in Israel

When you start working on any problem, this is the first piece of the puzzle, and when it is completed, the puzzle turns from several pieces into a complete picture. And the main task of a law firm is to sincerely lead as an expert in order to succeed in solving this puzzle and get the desired result.

The legal office of Evgenia Filippenko represents the interests of its clients receiving status in Israel, Portugal, Romania, Russia, helps in solving cases on family law and inheritance law.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of immigration legislation in Israel, including the issuance of Israeli citizenship, obtaining various statuses for foreigners, legalization of residence and status in Israel for married couples or cohabitants, work visas for foreign workers, granting status for humanitarian reasons.

Our knowledge of laws and regulations (including amendments and amendments) and our professional, effective and reliable support from the opening of the case to the end will lead us and our clients to great success.

We understand the subtleties of our clients’ problems, value trust, respect confidentiality and work ethics and make every effort to promote a favorable outcome of the case in accordance with the principles of independence, objectivity and professional competence.

For corporate clients, we provide legal services for the registration of companies in Israel and other countries. Our main clients are foreign companies seeking to enter the Israeli market, and Israeli companies entering the market of other countries. We develop a strategy for clients to enter foreign markets, prepare constituent documents, explain to clients the potential risks associated with the nuances of the organization and legislation.

In case of a business dispute, we will resolve it as an independent mediator. The mediator works on the common goal of the conflicting parties – the search for a mutually beneficial solution to the conflict. The mediator allows the parties to study all aspects of the conflict, determine the essence of the conflict, discuss all the important points for the parties and get closer to the essence of the problem. This allows the parties in the mediation process not only to speak out, but also to truly understand each other, find a common language and maintain cooperation.

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