Condominiums in Phuket

Features of living in a condominium

For those who are planning to buy a condo in Thailand Phuket or rent it for the first time, it will be useful to find out some of the rules for living in such complexes.

Firstly, all the problems that may arise during your stay in a condo can be easily solved at the reception or by contacting the management company that maintains the complex.

Despite the fact that the territory of the complex is guarded and absolutely safe, it is not customary to leave common things of residents (for example, bicycles, strollers, etc.) in public facilities so as not to interfere with the rest of other residents.

Please be aware that pets are not allowed in the condominiums. Therefore, if you are going to the island with your pet, it is worth considering other types of accommodation, such as houses or villas.

Thais are very careful about ecology and environmental protection, therefore, each complex provides for a separate waste collection. Waste sorting bins are located in every building.

Other rules and features of living in condominiums can be read directly in the charter of the complex, which you should carefully read upon check-in.

What does «condominium» mean?

The legal term «condominium» refers to a certain form of ownership and control of common property. Moreover, the concept of «condominium» can be applied both to an individual building and to a whole complex of houses with a common area. Each owner of an apartment in a condominium automatically becomes a co-owner of the common property of the complex. The common ownership mainly includes swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, fitness rooms and other amenities for all residents.

The property and common property is managed and maintained by an association of condominium apartment owners. The Association adopts a charter, which includes the rules for living in the complex, as well as the procedure for payment and the amount of funds for the maintenance of common property.

The amount for the maintenance of the common property is called a condo fee and is charged monthly from all owners, depending on the number of square meters they own. Also, every year condo residents pay a maintenance fee — these funds are used to maintain the property. One of the advantages of condominiums is that all apartment owners in a building share the cost of maintaining common property equally. Agree, it is more profitable than paying a large amount on a regular basis.